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Shanghai No.2 Valve Factory and Wanhua-Bosu

Time:2020-04-02 09:29:48 Source:未知
  Wanhua-Bosu Chemical (BorsodChem) and Shanghai Valve No.2 Factory signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Kozinz Bolqicao, Hungary.
  Bosu Chemical (BorsodChem) is a leading European manufacturer of MDI, TDI, PVC resins, basic chemicals (including chlor-alkali) and specialty chemicals, whose products are widely used in polyurethane (PU / PUR), PVC and other chemical industries. At present, Wanhua holds a 100% stake in Bosu Chemical.
  The signing of this strategic agreement has laid a good foundation for the follow-up Wanhua's in-depth cooperation in chemical projects in Europe, and is the second overseas strategic cooperation agreement signed between the two sides after the Wanhua US cooperation agreement. it is another milestone for Shanghai Valve No.2 Factory to help Wanhua enter the world.

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